A Survival Guide for Church Communicators

Practical lessons from Justin Dean,?former Communications Director at Mars Hill Church

Is your church prepared to handle a crisis well? Do you have a plan in place for how to deal with negative comments on social media? Are you afraid to try new communications methods?

In PR Matters, Justin Dean provides practical advice on?how to communicate the gospel well and reach more people in a world that wants Christians to be bland.

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What People Are Saying

?Justin knows communication. He not only led communication through one of the most difficult moments in the church in the last 20 years, but he has coached leaders in great seasons as well. If you want to understand church communications, you need to listen to Justin Dean.?

Carey Nieuwhof

Best-Selling Author and Founding Pastor , Connexus Church

“By far; the most-current, most-relevant read for anyone wanting their church to weather a crap storm. Oh look! The clouds are on the horizon. This book is your umbrella.”

Mark MacDonald

Strategic Communication Catalyst, Florida Baptist Convention Best-Selling Author, 'Be Known For Something'

“Every church will learn from Justin?s deep understanding and background in PR. Make PR Matters the one book your church leadership reads this year. The practical knowledge they will walk away with is truly priceless and will transform your church?s communications.”

Justin Brackett

Communications Director, Lakewood Church

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About the Author

Justin Dean is a church communications advisor and entrepreneur.

He served in senior marketing roles in the corporate startup world for over a decade before joining Mars Hill Church in Seattle as the Communications Director in 2011. He oversaw all social media, content, editorial, communications, and public relations for the growing megachurch until they ultimately closed their doors for good at the end of 2014.

He is now the co-founder of That Church Conference, helping digital communicators tell the best story the church has to tell through conferences, workshops, and online resources.

When he?s not helping churches Justin can often be found eating tacos with his wife and four kids. You can contact Justin on Twitter @justinjdean or go to justinjdean.com for more info.